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Why HERE Maps Is Better When Travelling Abroad?

Download whole country map for offline search and navigationI prefer to use HERE Maps for 1 main reason – offline map of whole country.

Unlike Google Maps that allows me to download offline map by zoom in/out an area within the selection box, HERE Maps lets me choose the country map that I would like to save for offline use (pretty useful when travelling abroad with limited mobile data quota). Additionally, the size of offline map offered by HERE Maps is much smaller but it contains enough info for offline turn-by-turn navigation (without real-time traffic, of course), map browsing, search for places, and plan routes.

Besides, it also features 3D maps, house numbering (when in satellite view), and indoor venue maps to offer multi-level building navigation in three dimensions.

3D building and indoor venue maps of Taipei 101 shopping mall

House numbering in HERE Maps satellite viewHouse numbering is only available in satellite view for landed properties. For example, house number shown in this view of Palm Island @ Miami.

So, if you’re travelling to a country where Google Maps does not have offline maps coverage, check if HERE Maps has it and give it a try.

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