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How To Share Things To Own WhatsApp or Telegram Account?

Using WhatsApp or Telegram as notepadDo you use WhatsApp or Telegram as a notepad? I do. Besides messaging, I also like to write notes and share stuff to my own WhatsApp or Telegram account.

Before you can use either one of these mobile messaging apps as notepad, you need to do a simple trick to “unlock the hidden feature”. Here you go:

1. Create a new chat group and add someone to this new group.

2. After chat group created, remove that someone (or every participants you’ve added). So, now only you (group admin) is in the chat group, as long as you don’t exit and delete the group.

3. Start sharing stuff or write notes to yourself :)

In order to categorize note, just create as many “sole participant” chat groups as you need, e.g. Finance, Technology, Life Trick, etc.

To help you easily locate these special purpose chat groups, you can name the group with a standard initial, e.g. A-Finance, A-Technology…as well as using an outstanding group profile picture.

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