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Get Your TV Remote Control To Work With Raspberry Pi

What are the requirements for your TV remote control to work with Kodi media center running on Raspberry Pi?

Here you go:

1. Enable TV HDMI CEC function. Consult your TV user manual for how to enable CEC function (look for section related to HDMI setup or CEC trade name).
Note, there are many trade names for CEC – VIERA Link (Panasonic), BRAVIA Sync (Sony), Anynet+ (Samsung), SimpLink (LG), etc.

2. Turn on Kodi CEC function. If you’re using the latest OpenELEC 6.0.3, this will be the screen sequence to access Kodi CEC setting:
Home > System > Settings > System > Input devices (left pane) Peripherals (right) > CEC Adapter (select it) > Enable it.

Kodi CEC function allows TV remote control to interact with the media center via HDMI cable connection.

Once this function is enabled on both TV and Kodi, you can use the remote control to navigate Kodi screen and trigger action (e.g. play, pause, stop, etc). You can also redefine the remote control button function, e.g. press yellow button to take screenshot or button 9 to start party mode playback, by modifying the Kodi remote.xml keymap file.

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