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Configure Putty To Display Chinese Characters Appear In SSH Session

If you can read Chinese characters, then you need to know how to configure Putty so that it can properly render Chinese characters appear in file name or text content.

Unless Putty default character set translation is using UTF-8, the Chinese characters will look weird and it’s unreadable (kind of Martian’s language!), as shown in this screencast.

So, let’s make a simple tweak:

1. Without closing the SSH remote session, click the Putty icon at window title bar (red circled) and then Change Settings to bring up Putty Reconfiguration dialog box.

2. Go to Translation and change the Remote character set to UTF-8.

3. Optionally, tick the checkbox of “Treat CJK ambiguous characters as wide”.

4. Click Apply button.

Putty can render Chinese characters

Now, run the ls command again and it will able to show readable Chinese characters.

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