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Using Windows 10 Built-in Program To Check Wi-Fi Channel And Signal

One of the tricks to improve WiFi signal is to avoid interference caused by household appliances (e.g. microwave oven) and WiFi channel overlapping.

To avoid interference from household appliance, just keep your Wi-Fi router away from potential culprit. To deal with Wi-Fi channel overlapping, you’ll need to find out Wi-Fi channels used by neighbors and change your router to use different channel.

How to check what Wi-Fi channels are in used? Here, let’s assume there is no WLAN network using hidden SSID.

On Android, I recommend this intuitive app called Wifi Analyzer.

On Windows, you can use a built-in but not so intuitive console application called netsh to gather wireless network information like SSID, signal, channel, WLAN network and radio type, authentication and encryption protocol, AP MAC address, etc.

Windows netsh and findstr command.

To simplify the command output, I use findstr to filter out network information other than ssid, channel, and signal:
netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid |^
findstr /I /R "^ssid | channel | signal"

You can copy and paste it into Command Prompt to execute. The ^ character is DOS escape character that allows me write a long command line into multi-line fashion.

If you paste it into a cmd script file, then you may want to add another line for pause command (after findstr line):
netsh wlan show networks mode=bssid |^
findstr /I /R "^ssid | channel | signal"

See also Understanding Wireless Channels.

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