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Faster Way To Check If Internet Explorer Is Using Enhanced Protected Mode

Enhanced Protected Mode (EPM) was introduced in IE10 for Windows 8. In order to block harmful code from accessing system data, EPM uses a process isolation mechanism called AppContainer to isolate untrusted web content in a restricted environment.

On Windows 10, there are 2 ways to check if IE11 is using EPM for page being rendered. The faster method, if not the fastest, is right click the page and select Properties:

Uses IE page properties to check EPM status.

If EPM is ON, then you’ll see “Protected Mode: Enhanced” in page properties dialog box (as shown in the screenshot).

The second method is to check if IE11 is configured to use EPM feature:

1. Press ALT+X to bring up Tools menu and select Internet Options,

2. Go to Advanced tab and look for “Enable Enhanced Protected Mode” checkbox – tick means turn on.

Option to turn on or off EPM.

If you’re using proxy server with a loopback IP address (e.g. tunneling proxy server connection via SSH port forwarding), you have to disable EPM; otherwise, the AppContainer’s Loopback-blocked will do its work and show you the proxy server isn’t responding.
In fact, you can’t even navigate to when EPM is turned on.

See also Enhanced Protected Mode by IEBlog.

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  1. Tan 16-10-17@21:07

    Dear Mr Walker

    Thank you very much for providing simple instructions for sorting out issues with MS IE11 , Windows 10 etc. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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