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Uses VLC Player To Convert Video To MP3

VLC Player is a must-have freeware! This open source cross-platform media player is available on Windows, Android, iOS/Mac OS, and Ubuntu/Linux.

Unless you’re frequently dealing with media file conversion, you only need VLC Player to convert any video file to MP3 format.
Reset VLC PreferenceThe following steps are tested with the latest VLC 2.2.2 (Weatherwax); it’s an installer version, i.e. not a portable version extract from 7zip/zip package.

If you’re using portable version and encounter problem with conversion, please try to use the installer version to install VLC, press CTRL+P to open Preference dialog box and click “Reset Preferences” button.

1. Open VLC Player and press CTRL+R (or click on Media menu and select Convert/Save).

2. Click Add button to add a video file (or just drag the video file to Open Media dialog box) and click Convert/Save button.

3. Assuming there is no suitable profile for mp3 file format that I want. So, click “Create new profile” button, name it as MyMp3, then configure the following tabs:

a) Encapsulation – RAW
b) Video codec – OFF
c) Audio codec – ON, untick “keep original audio track” checkbox, MPEG audio codec, 192kb/s bitrate, 2 channels, 44100Hz sample rate
d) Subtitles – OFF

Now, click Create button and then select this new custom profile “MyMp3” from Profile list.

4. In destination file textbox, specify the output file with .mp3 file extension (e.g. test.mp3) – don’t bother about that default containers type (*.raw).

Using VLC convert media file format function

5. Lastly, click Start button to proceed. You’ll notice the playback time slider moving “pretty fast” (indicates progress of conversion). When the time slider stops, the conversion is complete.

Make sure you do not tick “display the output” checkbox; otherwise the conversion time will be as long as the video playback time!

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