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Fixed: Dell iDrac 6 Shows HTTP 404 Undefined Functions In IE11

There is no similar problem found in iDrac 7 and above. However, if you access iDrac 6 from Internet Explorer 11, it will show HTTP 404 “This webpage cannot be found”.

Besides, all functions in iDrac management pages appear as “undefined”.

iDrac 6 not working in IE11

At first glance, two possibilities crossed my mind – either the firmware has corrupted or resetting iDrac will solve the problem (sort of rebooting the iDrac controller; using RACADM command via SSH remote access). When I log on from Google Chrome, however, everything looks fine (good news!).

So, it has something to do with Internet Explorer. To fix it, the solution is really simple – just add iDrac URL (IP address) to Compatibility View Settings.

Fix iDrac management page rendering problem in IE11

Press ALT+X hotkey to bring up Tools option menu and select “Compatibility View Settings” to add iDrac IP to the list. After closing the dialog box, iDrac management page will reload and then page rendering should back to normal again.

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