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YouTube App For Mobile May Hide Some Videos In Search Result

YouTube offers uploader an option to restrict a video from appearing on any platforms. So, you’ll occasionally stumble upon a video from Desktop web browser but you can never find or watch this video on mobile devices (iPad/tablet, Raspberry Pi/Kodi, mobile phone, etc).

When the app shows “this video is not available”, there is chance you can still watch it on a computer web browser. Similarly, this video will not appear in YouTube Search result if you’re using mobile app.

Previously, under Syndication setting, Youtuber can choose to make the video NOT available on mobile phones and TV.

Old YouTube Syndication

As of now, this option has changed to monetised platform. With this new option, you’ll find more videos in mobile app.
I suspect YouTube is still honor old preference for videos uploaded before this new option, because I am still unable to locate from mobile app an old video that can be found via Desktop browser.

New YouTube Syndication

If you don’t want to miss some interesting videos from YouTube Search, try again with a computer platform.

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