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Solution To Windows 10 Internet Explorer Cannot Access Internet Via Loopback IP Proxy Setting

I am using SSH port-forward to access proxy server via localhost IP ( for Internet access. That being said, the browser proxy setting must point to and port opened by SSH tunneling.

There is no issue with Firefox and Google Chrome, but IE11 just cannot connect to proxy server in localhost IP setup (telling me “the proxy server isn’t responding…). So, what’s wrong with IE11 on Windows 10?

Luckily I have found the culprit. As shown in silent screencast, the problem is fixed after I turned off Enable enhanced protected mode option, while the “Enable 64-bit processes for Enhanced Protected Mode” option is on.

For more information related to Internet Explorer EPM and Loopback Restriction on the AppContainer, please refer to Eric at IE Internals writing on Understanding Enhanced Protected Mode.

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  1. Paul 07-10-15@21:08

    Thanks, this is the solution.

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