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Windows 8.1 Upgrade To Windows 10 Failed With Error Code 80240020

No matter how many times of reboot and restart Windows Update, the Windows 10 upgrade failure persists with error code 80240020. Frustrated? How to deal with this irritated upgrade error?

It’s pretty easy to fix in just 2 steps, but the solution may be costly to some of you who have data plan with limited quota. Of course, you can download the genuine Windows 10 ISO image for offline installation.

Fix Windows 10 upgrade error code 80240020

Firstly, open Command Prompt window or press Windows button and type cleanmgr.exe to run Disk Cleanup program. Make sure you select “Temporary Windows installation files” as target to be deleted (properly) by Disk Cleanup program. If you don’t see this target, then click “Clean up system files” button (if any) and check again – the corrupted Windows 10 upgrade files must go.

Uses Disk Cleanup to properly delete corrupted Windows 10 upgrade files.

Now, you can restart the free Windows 10 upgrade, either via Windows Update or open ISO image file and click setup.exe to begin offline/in-place upgrade.
Windows 8/8.1 has built-in support for automatically mount and open ISO file. To access/read ISO image file content on Windows 8/8.1, such a simple function that’s already available on Linux via loop device, you don’t need to install yet another ISO reader like DAEMON Tools or MagicISO virtual CD/DVD-ROM.

If you encounter other error codes, please refers to Get help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors.

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