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Direct Download Windows 10 ISO Image File (the genuine way)

When using Linux/Vista/XP or a “not compatible” web browser user-agent to access Windows 10 download page, you’ll be directed to download the ISO image file instead of media creation tool.

So, if you’re looking for a truly Windows 10 ISO image, that’s the way to go.
The Windows 10 media creation tool allows users to either perform an in-place upgrade or create a Windows 10 installation media in ISO image format or USB flash drive. Most importantly, Microsoft claims the tool uses file formats optimized for download speed.

So, do you still need this trick, not going to consider the intuitive media creation tool?

Here in a screencast recorded on Windows 8.1. My Google Chrome user-agent is changed to “Linux” to access Windows 10 ISO download page (it works!):

Right click Google Chrome shortcut to access properties dialog box, then append the following to Target box:

Close all Google Chrome windows and reopen the web browser, to confirm new user-agent is effective. To confirm, type this in Address bar (case-sensitive) and press ENTER:

Finally, thanks to Microsoft for providing software installation media in digital way (abolish DVD disc to promote “goes green” initiative)!

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