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Fixed: WordPress Text Editor Width Problem In Firefox 38

My friend was wondering why his WordPress post editor box width is fixed to such a narrow measurement, which is only seen when using latest Firefox 38 web browser.

WordPress text editor with unusual width in Firefox.It’s looks weird and editing with this size is definitely not a pleasant experience. But, what is wrong with this Firefox + WordPress combination?

Precisely, only these two components alone do not trigger the fault. It only happen when you are accessing the WordPress admin pages over HTTPS connection with the latest Firefox v38!

To fix it, he just need to click the shield icon at Address bar, click on Options and select “Disable protection for now” to temporarily allow mixed-content rendering insecure asset.

Temporarily disable Firefox Mixed Content Blocker protection.

If you’re adventurous, go ahead to permanently disable that Firefox Mixed Content Blocker (at your own risk).

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