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How To DIY Heater For Surviving Winter?

For those who lack of heater at home or hostel, here is a simple yet practical DIY guide to help you build a heater with candles, bricks, and ceramic flowerpots.

Does it sound crazy? Nope, I believe it’s a workable example that making good use of science. Although the narration is not in English, but the demo and animation (starting from 55th second onward) are intuitive and easy to follow, if you’re interested in building one to survive the bitter cold of winter.
Edited: Here is an English version published by Daily Mail.

1. Fence the burning candles with 3 bricks.

2. Overturn the smaller flowerpot on top of the bricks to cover the burning candles, with little space open at its edges for air to go in.

3. Close the draining hole of flower pot (if any) with a heavy coin or metal.

3. Overturn the bigger flowerpot to cover up the smaller flowerpot (make the smaller one as inner pot).

4. Job done. Wait for the heat to radiate and warm up the room.
1. The pot can become really hot and burn your hand if touch it accidentally (make sure handle the heated pots with care)!

2. Make sure the air circulation in room is good, to avoid fatal carbon monoxide poisoning!

With reference to how to burn candles safely and candles could cause cancer.

Oh, by the way, this post is not related to computer/IT at all. Hope you like it.

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