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Uses Photoshop CS6 To Create Perfect Animated GIF

Uses Photoshop CS6 to make an professional animation.Do you know that Photoshop can automatically align a series of images before converting them to a perfect animation media file in GIF or video format?

Imagine that you’ve a bunch of photos of an action taken without tripod but a shaky hand. It’s certainly a tedious task if you have to manually align each of these photos for creating a professional animation.

With this handy trick, however, it’s going to be as easy as pie (on Photoshop CS6):

1. Go to File menu > Scripts > Load files into stack.

2. In the Load Layer dialog box, click browse button to select all relevant files (or folder, if “Use” is set to “Folder” mode).

3. Before closing the dialog box, make sure you’ve also selected Attempt to automatically align source images checkbox (the magic). Click OK to continue.

4. After Photoshop completes the image alignment process, you’ll find some images missing some details at borders. Use the crop tool to get rid of them.

5. Open the Timeline window (if it’s not opened yet). Go to Window menu and click Timeline. Select between “create video timeline” (to create video format) or “create frame animation” (to create animated GIF format) and then click on it (the text). In this guide, I choose the latter.

6. Now, last step – refer to this guide (or continue watching the screencast embedded here) on how to create the animated GIF file.

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