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Direct Download SWF Player Full Installer

The latest Adobe Shockwave Player is out as a security update for SWF Player v11, with reference to APSB13-06.

To check SWF Player version, just open web browser and visit to this URL:

After page loads completely, it will prompt you to install the update, if it’s applicable. DO NOT click install button, if you actually want to download the full, offline installer to facilitate multiple installation on different machines.
Apparently, download the setup once is lot faster than letting each machine to initiate download. This approach saves bandwidth too for those who on limited broadband package!

Shockwave Player 12 offline installer (not bootstrapper)

Here you go, the visual guide (without voice):

In short:

1. Visit to http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/ and click “Different operating system or browser?” link.

2. In next page, select the “Windows slim for other browsers type” and then click the “agree and install now” button:

Download SWF Player full installer

This 7.42MB installer is just good to upgrade SWF Player for Internet Explorer (tested with IE10 of Windows 8), Firefox, and Google Chrome, to the latest update (as shown by the silent screencast above)!

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