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How To Find The Link Of A Windows Store App For Sharing With Friends?

Let’s say you stumbled upon a pretty nice Windows Store app and would like to share it on Facebook or Twitter with friends. So, click the “Share” on Charm bar of Windows 8.

Unlike Google Play Store, there is no dedicated website or homepage of Windows Store for users to search or browse with conventional web browsers. Right now, it’s only possible to find apps in Windows Store via the Store app on Windows 8.

You can, however, browse the webpage of a Windows Store App if you know the app’s URL:

To find the URL of a Windows Store app, press Windows+C to bring up Charm bar and click the “Share” function. Then, choose Mail, double-click to highlight the link and right click on it to copy:

Retrieve the hyperlink of app in Windows Store.

To install the app, open the app link in Windows 8 using web browsers that support Windows 8 protocol (e.g. IE10 or Firefox 17.0.1). The app webpage will display “View in Windows Store” button (the app can only be installed via Store app), as noted here and also shown by the silent screencast (above).

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