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How To Find Windows 8 Long Version Number From Windows Registry

The ver and winver command returns the Windows 8 RTM version number as “6.2.9200” and “Version 6.2 Build 9200” respectively. Both of these commands do not print revision number of build 9200, which has changed after installing the General Availability Cumulative Update (KB2756872).

Prior to post-RTM update, the Windows 8 RTM build 9200 revision number is 16384. After installing the GA cumulative update, it becomes 16424.

The Windows 8 full version number

The build revision number is stored in BuildLabEx, a Windows Registry key at this path:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

The following screenshot is taken from a 64-bit Windows 8 Enterprise Build 9200, indicating it’s has installed the post-RTM update and becomes General Distribution Release (GDR):

Windows 8 GDR BuildLab version.

If there is no major update prior to the official launch on coming Oct 26, the full version number of Windows 8 GA release will be 6.2.9200.16424 (where 16424 is revision number indicated by BuildLabEx value).

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