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How To Fix Windows Store App Update Error Code 0x80073D0A?

Windows Store alerts me that there are new updates for installed apps. When I click OK to proceed with the updates, none of them installed successfully after downloading.

From Event Viewer, I see that WindowsUpdateClient raises error in System log by saying “Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x80073D0A: Microsoft.BingNews”.

Unable to update Windows 8 app via Windows Store due to error 0x80073D0A.

What’s the meaning of error 0x80073D0A? According to Microsoft, error code 80073D0A indicates the Windows Firewall service isn’t running. Yes, I manually disabled Windows Firewall after running Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 – that’s my standard practice since Windows XP! Why I should run two copies of Firewall since I’ve bought KIS 2013 with Firewall function?

To fix this particular error code, I’ve to (no choice) enable and run Windows Firewall, just to keep Windows Store apps up to date. So, click Windows button > type “services.msc” to open Services window > look for Windows Firewall and make it run.

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  1. Collin 27-10-12@22:01

    Lame but thank you it was getting annoying

  2. Dusty Harper [Msft] 06-11-12@02:33

    The MPSSVC service host much more functionality than just windows firewall. For instance, Windows Service hardening which is a windows protection of system services. It also host network isolation which is a crucial part of the confidence model for Windows Store based applications. 3rd party firewalls know this fact and instead of disabling the firewall service they coordinate through public APIs with Windows Firewall so that they can have ownership of the firewall policies of the computer. Hence you do not have to do anything special once you install a 3rd party security product

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    Microsoft Corporation
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  3. excel 16-11-12@22:16

    excellent, simple but usefull. thank

  4. Earl Rideout 30-05-14@05:20

    I have Norton 360 that handles all my firewall protection – I still get the error code. Microsoft never ceases to amaze me with their incompetence.

  5. rt 01-09-15@07:55

    lame. forced “safety” even for those of us who prefer a different option. IE all over again. FIX IT, MS!!!

  6. Johnny 24-04-16@19:52

    Have enable firewall to run. Still will not let me install apps from the store. Guess I will not be visiting the store any more to get apps. Waste of time until Windows decides to let people download apps from the store whether firewall is on or off.

  7. Frank 17-09-16@17:39

    OK, what if Windows Firewall IS running???

  8. Michael 11-01-17@05:45

    Thanks, unfortunately not able to start Windows Defender, Error 577.

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