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How To Stop Windows Update Reminder Of Restarting Windows For Longer Than 4 Hours?

Windows Update prompts you to restart Windows to complete installing important updates. So, you set it to remind you again in 4 hours and click postpone, go for lunch and back within an hour, then find out the Windows already restarted – all unsaved works have gone :(

Well, “remind me in 4 hours” and “postpone” are mutually exclusive – it doesn’t mean Windows Update should delay the restart process for up to 4 hours. Indeed, it means not to restart now and give you reminder within 4 hours.

Windows Update restart Windows reminder

So, if you can’t afford to restart Windows in next 4 hours or longer, you should just stop the Windows Update service. Once the service stops, it will remove the Windows Update icon from Notification Area (System Tray), stop the reminder from popping up randomly, freeze the restart trigger until you manually shutdown or reboot Windows.

There are two ways to stop Windows Update services:

For the geeks, open elevated Command Prompt window and type this command:
sc stop wuauserv

For general users, open Services Manager (Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services), right click Windows Update and select “Stop”.

When Windows boots up, the Windows Update service should automatically start again (unless you’ve also changed its start-up type to disabled or manual mode).

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