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How To Reset Facebook Security Question?

After set up Facebook security question and answer, you didn’t record it and now you can’t remember which question and/or answer you chose :(

Since FB uses this security question as one of the ways to identify a user as the legitimate owner of account (when dealing with some cases like appeal, regain access, etc), you feel more comfortable by changing it to a new one. There is, however, no explicit function to do so, once this security feature has enabled. If you don’t see this option in Security Settings page, it means you’ve configured it:

Rest Facebook security question and answer.

So, how to reset your forgotten Facebook security question and answer? As shown in the previous guide, you can change Facebook security question by visiting to this official URL:

Follow the step-by-step guide, which involves reset login password, post-by-email address as well as security question and answer.

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