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How To Resize Or Close Windows 8 App With Metro UI?

There is no legacy Windows form button on Metro style apps in Windows 8. So, how to resize, minimize, maximize, or close these Windows 8 apps?

Without reading any guide pertaining to Metro style apps and jump straight to experience Windows 8 computer without a touchscreen, you may resist to upgrade from Windows 7.

Open Windows program and Metro style app side by side

As shown by the silent screencast, you can scale Metro style app by splitting the screen into two and make it appears smaller or bigger, so that you can view contents of two Windows 8 apps, or both traditional Windows program and Metro style app, side by side in single display.

Press ALT+F4 or let Windows 8 To Terminate It

Press ALT+F4 to close the Metro style app. Alternatively, switch focus to other program or app (thereby put the app in background). Windows 8 endeavors to terminate older, inactive background apps when system getting low memory.

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