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How To Change Windows 8 Enterprise RTM Product Key And Activate It?

OK fine, the Windows 8 Enterprise RTM build 9200 doesn’t prompt me to enter product key during installation. But, why the Windows Activation GUI doesn’t allow me update or change its pseudo key with a valid product key given by TechNet?

I think Microsoft expects every Enterprise edition users to look like IT Pro! In a not so intuitive way, you can use either slui.exe or slmgr.vbs to change Windows 8 Enterprise product key and activate it:

Open elevated Windows Command Prompt to execute these commands:
slmgr.vbs /ato

Alternatively, close all Windows Activation dialog boxes (if you’ve attempted to activate using *****-CWCK7 pseudo key and hit a nonsense “error code 0x8007232B DNS Name does not exist”) and run slui 3 in elevated Command Prompt window to get hidden interface of Windows Activation GUI for entering new product key as well as clicking Activate button.

Uses slui 3 command to access hidden interface of Windows Activation GUI for changing Windows 8 product key.

The “slui 3” interface is more intuitive than slmgr.vbs – you’ve don’t have to enter dashes :)

Now, if you’ve 11 minutes to view this silent screencast (choose 720P HD full-screen playback for clarity), to see yourself the standard Windows 8 Enterprise RTM installation process, how to open elevated Command Prompt, understand why “slui 3” doesn’t work in your environment (because you didn’t close the previous Windows Activation GUI, as I said earlier).

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  1. Chris 23-08-12@20:48

    Great post! The “slui 3” worked like a charm when Everything else failed.


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