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Using Citrix Hotkey To Access Hidden Features

For those who are using Citrix Receiver (on Windows 7), do you know the keyboard shortcut (a.k.a. hotkey) used to open Windows Task Manager of Citrix server or group multiple Citrix windows into single MDI window called Citrix Explorer?


Hotkey used to open Windows Security dialog box of Citrix serverWhen any of your Citrix app window is active, this CTRL+F1 hotkey is equivalent to CTRL+ALT+DEL of your local Windows machine. That said, this keyboard shortcut will open Windows Security dialog box of Citrix server. From there you can tell what Windows edition/version is used, open Windows Task Manager, or even shutdown the server (if you’ve that privilege!).


This hotkey will open the Windows Task Manager of Citrix server, allows you to do these:

1. Terminate / kill applications that hang.
2. Check Citrix server performance (CPU load, Physical RAM installed and usage, network load, etc).
3. The number of logged in users (who are they).
4. Detail of Windows build and service pack level (via Help menu > About Task Manager).


Use this keyboard shortcut to toggle the Citrix Explorer MDI feature on and off. If you want to frame all Citrix app windows inside Citrix Explorer, use this keyboard shortcut (same for undo).

Hotkey used to toggle Citrix MDI window on and off

Personally, I prefer all program windows running via Citrix Receiver appear individually, which in this case allows me using ALT + TAB to easily switch between windows.

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