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Where Does Updater Save The VMware Player Offline Installer On Windows 7?

The latest VMware Player 4.0.4 fixes several security glitches, so the older version that am using prompts me to upgrade.

Without hesitation, I click “Download and Install” button. As I’ve few Windows computers / laptops running this free virtual machine software, it’s not efficient to have each of them download hundreds megabyte of same update repeatedly from Internet (you know, my broadband is fast but the monthly quota is too low!).

VMware Player 4.0.4 full installer is good for offline installation on multiple computers.

So, I need to locate and backup the VMware Player full installer downloaded by “Software Updates” program. On Windows 7 x64, this full installer is saved at this path:

VMware Player offline installer

Just copy and paste the given path (above) to Windows Explorer, there you’ll find the latest VMPlayer offline installer.

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