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How To Use Google Picasa To Create Time-lapse Photography?

Create time-lapse photography is just a piece of cake if excluding the required time for capturing hundreds or thousands of photo (though it’s possible to automate the process).

Generally, you need a camera to shoot the scene repeatedly at a fixed interval for a long duration. Then, using software to combine all these images into a video clip that’s known as time-lapse.

Assuming you’ve taken the bunch of photos. So, let’s see how easy it is to use the free Google Picasa software to convert these images into a time-lapse video clip:

1. Click File menu and select “Add folder to Picasa” – choose the source folder which contains those images.

2. Right click the added folder and choose “Select all pictures”.

Google Picasa - photo management and editing freeware.

3. Click Create menu, select “Movie” and then “From selection”.

4. (Optional) click “Slide” tab and edit the cover screen.

5. On the movie tab, click “Load” button to add audio file to serve as background music (optional), select “Time Lapse” transition style, leave the default slide durations as 1/24 secs, choose a video resolution (shouldn’t be larger than the photo resolution).

Using Google Picasa to create time-lapse photography.

Now, click “create movie” button to create your first time-lapse photography using Google Picasa :)

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