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How To Access WhatsApp Setting Or Set Status On HTC One V?

It’s really frustrated to find apps setting on HTC One V (the scaled down version of HTC One X), as there is no menu button (the dotted vertical line) displayed by the app like WhatsApp, ES File Explorer, etc.

The HTC One V Recent Apps button is also functioning as menu button of an active app.So, how to set WhatsApp status if you can’t find the way to access WhatsApp setting/menu page?

Here you go – the Recent Apps button of HTC One V (the red circle, as shown in screenshot) is also functioning as a menu button of an active app!

Thus, open WhatsApp then tap and hold down on the Recent Apps button for 3 seconds or longer, then you’ll get access to configure settings, create new chat group, set WhatsApp status message, etc. In the Chat screen, long press the Recent Apps button you’ll see options to set wallpaper, add shortcut (of chat) to home screen, email conversation, etc.

Set WhatsApp status message on HTC One V

Once again, using the Recent Apps to function as menu/setting button is applicable to most apps, such as ES File Explorer.

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  1. min 18-05-12@00:19

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    thnk u.

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  3. kindo 01-06-12@17:19

    Really great explanation, thank you so much as I also suffered for the last few weeks.
    By the way, it seems that I could not add the contact in the chat group. How can I make it?

  4. Jolanda 02-06-12@16:54

    Pfffft…I asked a lot of people, searched on the web. This is very usefull information. Tnx.

  5. wirnie 14-06-12@01:33

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  8. Nipun 26-06-12@14:28

    It only shows remove frm list app info

  9. vinit 28-06-12@15:32

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  10. Soumen 30-06-12@02:27

    Thanks a ton! I was about to uninstall and reinstall the app, but doing that i would’ve lost all the chats….thanks to your post :D Looking for more answers again :D

  11. Kashi 03-07-12@19:44

    Perfect! Couldn’t quite figure it out myself even after tearing my hair!

  12. Muzical 04-07-12@22:55

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    Thank you so for much for sharing the info.

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    But this made my work easier..

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    I allready tried to hold down the home button but stupid as i am i never thought about the recent app button :P

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  41. Prajakta 25-09-12@01:58

    It only shows two options
    1) Remove from List
    2) App Info

    I cannot find the menu or settings
    Could you please help?

  42. Prajakta 25-09-12@02:04

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    I can’t see setting/Menu options…

    Please help

  48. ruks 31-10-12@07:24

    Thanks for this info it really helped.
    @ nafaast if u go onto whatsapp and then hold the recent apps button down for 3 seconds(which on desire is bottom right)it comes up with the menu. Thanks again to the poster.

  49. JM 03-11-12@06:24

    Hi, when i select ‘add conversation shortcut’ it only works for some contacts. I deleted and reinstalled the program and now i can’t ad any contact shortcuts!! Can anyone help with this or had this problem??

  50. Lauren 14-11-12@03:54

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. i was so pissed off that i couldnt add a background. saved my life. <3

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    I can see only help, contact, share friends, refresh options..

    I can’t see setting/Menu options…

    Please help

  65. prafull 11-02-13@21:39

    I have a HTC 1 v and am a new user , after several attempts I failed to find where is the recent app button ….I can’t update my status, can any1 tell me pls how to do that impossible thing……

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  72. Ravi 04-09-14@01:08

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    I have rooted my phone 1 month ago and it was working fine earlier.

    Any ideas ??

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