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Hard Reset HTC One X Before Send It For Repair Or Resale

My pricey HTC One X screen showed yellow tinted bar on bottom-right corner, which is only obvious when displaying white background in full-screen mode (e.g. Settings page or web browser with blank page).

Though the phone is working, that yellow tinted bar that looks like edge of burning paper is just pissed off me. So, I’ve to send it to HTC service center – Thanks god! I got one-to-one exchange over the counter, which seems to me it’s a manufacturing defect but didn’t get blocked by QC :(

Back to the topic, if you can power on the smartphone, please consider do a hard reset to wipe off personal data prior to send it for repair, put on eBay for resale, or go for a trade-in deal. Best if you can activate storage encryption first then only perform hard reset – double insurance :)

How to hard reset HTC One X

There are two ways to do it:

Do it from Settings screen

Go to Settings > Storage > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.

Using hardware buttons

1. Power off the phone,

2. Hold down both the “power button” and “volume down” button together until you see 3 Android mascots appear on screen (if you can’t get it, try to press and hold down “volume down” button first then only followed by “power button”),

3. Use the “volume down” button to move selection bar down to highlight “FACTORY RESET” and then press “power button” to confirm selection:

Using hardware button to access HTC One X HBoot option screen to do hard reset, recovery, check barcode or image CRC checksum, etc.

As shown in the screenshot (above), the HBoot screen has options to do recovery, factory reset, check barcode, verify image CRC checksum, simlock, etc.

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