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How To Capture Screenshot On Device Running Android 4.0 ICS?

Devices running Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) should all support native screenshot capturing function, i.e. there is no need to root the OS cum install app just for capturing screenshot right on device.

Standard ICS shortcut

On Galaxy Nexus, dubbed as Android Dev Phone (ADP) running standard Android 4.0 ICS, you can hold down both power AND volume down buttons together (with reference to “Snap a screenshot” of Galaxy Nexus features page).

The Acer A500 that upgraded from Android 3.x Honeycomb uses the same way. Some users claim this trick doesn’t work or it’s tricky. I personally try it and find out that I cannot press both buttons briefly – this won’t work. If you see either the volume control displayed on screen or the screen goes black (sleep mode), it means fail. To snap a screenshot of Acer A500 (as below), you must hold down BOTH power button and volume down key firmly for 2-3 seconds (or longer).

Capturing screenshot of Acer A500.

Custom ICS shortcut

For HTC One X, the shortcut key is different from standard ICS (c.f. HTC One X How-tos), and it’s a bit tricky too for some people – hold down power button first THEN ONLY quickly press the HOME button.

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