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HTC One X Camera Tricks

One of the highlighted features of Android 4.0 ICS is camera app enhancements. So, what can you do with the HTC One X 8MP camera with BSI sensor?

Open camera app from locked screen

Open HTC One X camera from locked screen.Never miss the chance to shoot a rare scene with HTC One X camera even it’s locked with a complex PIN or password. Just drag the camera app to the ring and you’re set to take photo!

Two criteria to use this feature, i.e. the camera app must exist in the launch bar (at bottom of home screen) and the “Show launch bar shortcuts” option is turned on – both of these criteria is ON by default.

Risk of data breach? No worry, HTC One X only allows one to take photo and prohibit browsing Gallery if the screen is locked.

Shooting video and photo concurrently

This is darn cool feature that I really looking forward! Certainly you can save the screenshot from video, but why have to waste time doing this if now you can take photo and record video at the same time? Says if you’re recording video of a street performance and out of sudden there is a need to capture few photos of charming performers, just tap the camera icon without stopping the video recording – simple as that!

Unlimited continuous photo shooting

Option that enable HTC One X to take more than 20 photos continuously.The high speed continuous focus and zero shutter lag exposure features increase your chance to freeze a perfect moment in clear and sharp photo. Once the “Continuous shooting” option is checked/enabled, just hold down the camera icon and HTC One X will continuously taking photos until you lift finger. If you want to take more than 20 photos in continuous shooting mode, then disable that “Limit to 20 frames” option.

Built-in Panorama and HDR function

When the scene is too big for a normal photo, choose the Panorama option, tap camera icon and move the camera focus slowly towards one side with reference to green border frame shown on screen. After tapping stop icon, it automatically stitching the photos into panoramic image.

Using High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature, you can easily capture stunning photo of a scene that may look too dark or too bright in non-HDR mode.

Using Bluetooth to trigger camera shutter

The trick demonstrated by video (below) suggests that some Bluetooth headsets can actually trigger HTC One X camera shutter. If there is a “tripod” to hold the camera phone in hidden place, it becomes a spy camera or short of, which allows one to remotely shoot photos using Bluetooth headset (though the distance couldn’t be too far)! Best of all, you can turn off shutter sound of HTC One X (a feature that never exists natively on my previous Nokia N8) and enable auto-upload function!

Other misc. camera features are geotagging (record GPS location in EXIF), Full HD video recording with stabilization, 16:9 widescreen photo shooting, face and smile detection.

What it’s lacking of is automatic continuous shooting at fix interval, i.e. native time-lapse photography option that I want to have too! :(

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