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Fix Problem Of HTC One X Software Update Appears Hang After Restart

Prior to perform system software update for HTC One X, I activated the storage encryption feature for safeguarding my precious data stored in its huge built-in memory.

By the time storage encryption process completed, the battery left merely 10% power and thus cannot start with system software update.

HTC One X firmware update appears hang and show a static icon with green circular arrows.When the battery charged to 50%, I started the update process but left the “smart” phone connected with charger. After the phone restarted itself, it just showed a static green round arrow icon and no status or progress bar. After waiting for more 30 minutes, that scary still screen remained unchanged, looked like it’s hang or stop updating. Am worry and hesitated to power it off and on manually :(

Phew, luckily I did take some screenshots of system update screen and sent to Gmail prior to the update process started. Here is the answer to the problem – avoid charging your phone during the update as it may interfere with the process :(

Charging HTC One X during system software update will cause the update stop and showing a green circular arrow icon forever!
DO NOT charge HTC One X battery while performing system software update! Charge the battery to full or at least more than 80% (though the screenshot suggests that at least 35% will do) and disconnected charger from HTC One X prior to start the system software (firmware) update! This “problem and fix” should be applicable to HTC One S and HTC One V, basically the One series.

If you’re in that situation like me, then just disconnect the charger (that’s what I did) but DO NOT power off or reset the phone!

Verdict: Read the instruction carefully, especially to veteran, overconfident owners.

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  1. Omar 08-05-12@19:44

    Any advice on what to do if you didn’t read the instructions clearly and attempted to perform the system upgrade whilst charging (phone doesn’t respond to power on or hardware hard reset)?

    Please? :-)

  2. Walker 09-05-12@02:49

    Don’t power off or restart the phone, just unplug the charger and wait for the upgrade to complete – that’s what I did!

  3. Omar 09-05-12@22:49

    Thanks for the reply.

    Got it working – the phone had already been powered off however to get it back on I strangely had to plug it into the charger again (power button or even hard reset was not responding) which got me back to the ‘hung’ screen (good), after which I did as you say and unplugged the charger to let the upgrade complete.

  4. Omar 09-05-12@22:50

    I should say it was strange that I had to put the charger back in because it was at 80% charge already.

    Anyway, thanks for the help!

  5. Marius 10-05-12@02:14

    Thanks! Had the exact same problem, guess I wasnt as jused to android as i thought :)

  6. Ferry 12-05-12@23:05

    Just had the same problem (and waiting more than 1 1/2 hour :-) ).

    unplugging power cable did the trick. thnx.

  7. Pascal 16-05-12@17:51

    Thank you for sharing this! I only waited 15 minutes before starting to look for a solution. I was about to force power off and luckily find your article!

  8. HansSchulze 19-05-12@22:53

    When I did my update, the phone was still fresh out of the box, but had enough power to do the update. On the first reboot though, I had a completely white screen. I had to reboot the phone again to get my friendly screen and icons back.

    Then I had to start encryption (while plugged in) and it’s 8 hours now. I just unplugged the USB just in case it’s the same problem. Basic green guy. Although the power bar shows charging :/

  9. Jeroenvw 24-05-12@00:17

    Thanks, you made my day :)

  10. iopospring 27-05-12@00:34

    Had the same problem. I started the update while charging, later i culd not turn the mobile on, even after i unplug it. after that i tried to plug it with my pc and the sucker turned on. I was on the edge of sanity (escuse my english im from croatia)

  11. Julian Nicole Regino 24-06-12@17:22

    I almost headout to the HTC store to return my One X because I thought that it was defective but thanks to this. I was relief! This one works for me, I installed the update while charging and I got stucked to the updateing screen.

  12. elie maroun 28-06-12@22:26

    thanks for sharing,i just bought the phone and did the update while charging the phone for the 1st time, after unplugging the phone as u said it worked, but my question, was the phone charging while plugged and the green round arrow icon is shown ? will it affect the phone performance ?

  13. Sam 11-07-12@05:26

    Hey, Thanks for your post! I did the same thing but i’m not so lucky. The phone randomly rebooted… So i filled in the pincode with the charger still connected!
    Nothing seemed to be wrong but after a while the phone RANDOMLY reboots!
    this has already happend several times!!!

    What to do!?!?!

    I’m guessing system restore? Btw i have a HTC one V

  14. Sam 11-07-12@18:20

    How to open HBOOT on this phone? YOu have to remove the battery usually but you can’t unless you remove cover i guess? Will you lose warranty?

  15. Lorraine 25-07-12@22:22

    thanks for sharing this – had my phone plugged in and had that same green icon. unplugging the charger worked :)

  16. Thiru 16-08-12@20:42

    In my case, I updated my HTC One V today, with full charge of the battery. After the update restarted the phone, it went in to hung stage for more than 20 minutes. I connected the phone to PC and started reading this article, and the phone started by installing the updates, by bring the phone to software version 2.09.720.1. I freaked out for a while…

  17. Ignaz Kevenaar 29-08-12@19:43

    Thanks for you help! just looked the problem up on google and unpluggen the charger. phone just updates normally.

  18. kris 30-08-12@20:02

    Thank you very much , it helped me a lot , the other trick is to disconnect the charger and remove the SIM card and Reinsert and Restart it.

    It worked out for me like charm..

    Thanks for the Post..

  19. Cas 03-09-12@15:12

    Last week I got the One X but after the system update the volume of the FM radio goes up and down. Returned it, got a new one but again same thing. Returned it again (sigh) and did not install, but now this one is asking to tap to install and I don’t want it a third time. Is there a way to avoid it? Will I be able to ditch off my phone or will it then automatically update when turning on? Help! Thanks.

  20. Ryan 26-09-12@12:52

    So I left mine plugged in overnight and now my phone is completely honkey. can turn it on but cant find a network. will a factory reset work for me?

  21. Abuswaleh 28-09-12@21:51

    Thank’s bro :)

  22. Ally 20-10-12@13:42

    OK so I have done the bad thing and updated while phone was charging, I wasnt the one who accepted the update and wasnt even aware of the warning you get before you install, I also played around with it after reading other forums, holding the power button down , volume buttons down ,standing on one leg while I waved it in the air but nothing worked , all i got was the htc power up screen and then it went black again. It somehow seems to be on though as I am hearing the notifications tone I have for sms but nothing works to make the screen come on.
    Since then I have found this page and now Im wondering if anyone can help.

  23. Tom 06-12-12@07:23

    Thank’s a lot! As usual I didn’t read the small text good enough. Well…not at all, actually. Anyways, your help did the trick for me too, so thanks again!

  24. Gedxs 10-12-12@22:18

    It happened to me as well, and I was with the charger plugged in at the time… But I didn’t received any warnings to disconnect it, and I didn’t find this warning in the user guide or anywhere else. How was I supposed to know about this? They should have put that in the manual in big words right?

  25. Mikey 04-01-13@16:55

    Thank you very much indeed (^^,) I’m one of those veteran experienced users that “don’t need” the instructions…

    Thanks !

  26. Iain 07-02-13@17:05

    Thanks – had the same problem. Finsihed updating a few seconds after unplugging it from charger.

  27. sam 11-11-13@22:15

    the same happened with me i plugged the charger while updating now i can’t use my phone anymore i can only see htc logo and the phone again restart and the logo and again restart plz suggest me wht to do as earliest as possible i’ll be waiting for u rply guys

  28. thaior 27-05-15@03:23

    hi…i my htc one x was operating on 4.0.4, i downloaded the 4.2.2 software update and tried installing it, my battery was about 20% though…it rebooted till it went off, and keeps rebooting till now when trying to charge and start it up…any help please?

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