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Is Android Face Unlock More Secure Than Pattern Screen Lock?

Android 4.0 ICS Face Unlock is fun and cool, but it’s not secure because just anyone can unlock your smartphone screen using a picture of your smiling face (taken by camera or grab from Facebook).

With reference to Galaxy Nexus – Android mobile technology platform 4.0 User’s Guide, the Screen Lock options are shown in order of security strength:

The Android Face Unlock and Pattern type of Screen Lock are disabled after Storage Encryption is activated.

Obviously, the fancy Face Unlock feature is less secure than Pattern. Both of these two Screen Locks provide minimal security, no doubt they’re intuitive and convenient to unlock the screen.

Therefore, Android (ICS) endeavors disable these least secure Screen Lock types and enforce the use of either PIN or Password type of Screen Lock when user activates Storage Encryption, to minimize risk of data loss.

If you choose to encrypt precious data on the phone, you won’t expect that someone can easily jeopardize it, like using a picture of you or remember your pattern used, to unlock the smartphone screen and access to data.

Apparently, for better security and protection, use Password type of Screen Lock that made up of mixing case alphabets, digits, and special characters. Of course, the longer the password the better!

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