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How To Find Nokia N8 WLAN MAC Address?

Every network card comes with a unique Media Access Control address (commonly known as MAC address). So as your Nokia N8 smartphone that has built in Wireless LAN (WLAN) component.

However, Nokia doesn’t print this WLAN MAC address on chassis (it does print IMEI code next to HDMI port).

If a Wireless access point (AP) or router only grants Wi-Fi access to known MAC addresses (e.g. Wireless MAC Filter of D-LINK), then you must know how to check your Nokia N8 WLAN MAC address for maintaining the MAC Filter.

With reference to Nokia E72 support page, there is this non-intuitive “secret” code, *#62209526#, which is applicable to most of the Nokia smartphones including Nokia N8 – just enter the code (on keypad) and Symbian OS will show it.

I can’t recall there is a screen (Settings or About) displays this piece of info (not user-friendly!).

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