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Activate Android Storage Encryption Will Disable Face Unlock And Pattern Screen Lock

Using a Pattern to unlock smartphone is easier than entering PIN code, but it’s not that cool and wonderful as compare to using Face Unlock feature that’s introduced by Android 4.0 ICS (first seen on Galaxy Nexus).

It’s cool, isn’t it? If you buy this fancy idea, then you must not activate Android Storage Encryption feature! Once the Storage Encryption is activated, Android disables Face Unlock and Pattern – user musts choose to use either PIN or Password type of Screen Lock only, for the sake of security:

The Android Face Unlock and Pattern type of Screen Lock are disabled after Storage Encryption is activated.

For people who like to use Pattern or Face Unlock as well as encrypted storage, it’s definitely upset. Obviously, Android (ICS) suggests that only PIN and Password type of Screen Lock are more secure for safeguarding encrypted storage.

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