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How To Capture Screenshot Of HTC One X Or Android 4.0 ICS Smartphone?

Prior to Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich), one has to root the Android OS and install app just to snap a screenshot of display for showing off high game score, supplementing user guide or troubleshooting purpose, etc.

With Android ICS, this “tedious” stuff is not required! If your Android smartphone is running ICS, it may support native screenshot capturing function – with reference to Introducing Android 4.0 (c.f. Sharing with screenshots).

No need to root Android and no need to install screenshot capturing app, just hold down power button and HOME key to capture HTC One X screenshot  easily.For HTC One X (also HTC One V and HTC One S), just press and hold power button followed by tapping HOME key. Android ICS automatically captures screenshot of phone and save it to DCIM folder (the same folder where the camera storing photos).

Hotkey used to capture screenshot of HTC One X - just hold down power button and tap HOME key together.

For Galaxy Nexus (see “Snap a screenshot”), you should hold down power button and volume down button (reduce volume button) together.

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  1. PPC 10-05-12@18:13

    Cool! But try this one: open the browser and take a screenshot. Then rotate your device and take another one… See what happens!
    I tried it on my brand new One S more and more times but the result is always a reboot of the device after a few seconds :(

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