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Using Facebook Touch On Desktop PC

Facebook Touch is one of the Facebook mobile sites but it doesn’t stop you from using it on Desktop PC or laptop computer that has no touchscreen monitor. As of now, am able to use it on latest Desktop browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, without having to tweak browser’s user agent string.

If you’re looking for a way to deactivate Facebook Timeline, remove sidebar showing sponsored ads, improve page loading speed, reduce Internet data usage…kind of things related Facebook, you may want to try Facebook Touch.

Facebook Touch features:

The good points of using Facebook Touch

1. Clean and tidy page layout, no sidebar showing sponsored information.

2. Facebook Timeline appears like classic Facebook Wall, where items are displayed chronologically order in single column.

3. It’s easier to navigate Facebook features as compare to Facebook Mobile.

4. Chinese characters appear bigger and therefore significantly improve readability as compare to Desktop site.

5. Page size is much smaller than Desktop site, thus Facebook Touch page loading speed is faster and reduce Internet data usage.

Whether you’re using Facebook Touch on Desktop PC, laptop computer, mobile phone, or tablet, it’s good for mobile Internet users and those who have pressure to not exceed quota of Internet data usage before the billing day.

The downside that concerns me is there is no “Share” button for items posted by others. I can, of course, post status updates, share photos, check into place, chat, use Facebook Message, add and poke friends, etc.

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