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Facebook Timeline Looks Better On Facebook Touch Site

Not all people like Facebook Timeline although its cover photo feature is interesting and attractive. Personally, I dislike the 2-column timeline display as it’s not pleasant to vet activities and posts that I’ve done on Facebook Wall.

But when browsing the Facebook Timeline on Facebook Touch, it’s different – the content is shown chronologically in single column view, as if I’ve disabled or deactivated Facebook Timeline and got back the classic Facebook Wall.
NOTE: It’s not necessary to use Facebook Touch on mobile phone or tablet with touchscreen display. It’s absolutely fine, at least for the time being, to use Facebook mobile site on Desktop PC and laptop computer.

After log in to FB, one can simply switch between Desktop and mobile site by changing the FB URL, i.e. www.facebook.com and touch.facebook.com, without having to log off and on again.

This “silent” screencast shows how the WalkerNews.net’s Facebook Page Timeline looks like on Facebook Touch:


Besides, Facebook Touch page size is significantly smaller, i.e. it loads faster and saves Internet data usage (good for mobile Internet users or staffs who being monitored by boss/sysadmin for top Internet usage).

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