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Official Facebook Unlike Button

How to unlike a liked post in Facebook? Well, just click the Unlike button, as I have done (and shown) in the “silent” screencast.

I believe that having an unlike button is one of the much anticipated features and thus previously there are many regular FB users tricked to believe in 3rd party tool or so call “unofficial” Facebook plugin that allow them unlike a post. Unfortunately, those plugins/tools actually make them “like” even more spam posts…
NO! I mistakenly take “unlike” as “dislike”! The unlike feature has been available in FB for quite some times but there is no official “dislike” button.

The highlight in this post, perhaps is the keyboard shortcut “L” to toggle between like and unlike function when browsing a photo in light-off mode.

Now, Facebook has finally added its official Unlike button (watch the screencast in 480p fullscreen mode for clarity) :

TIPS: When browsing photo in light-off mode (i.e. after clicking the thumbnail of photo), there is a keyboard shortcut to quickly like and unlike the picture – just press L key to toggle between “Like” and “Unlike” action, as shown in the screencast :).

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