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Download And Install Nokia Belle On N8

I’ve been using Nokia Belle on N8 for almost two weeks since Feb 8 and definitely agree tagline that says “old phone new experience”.

Nokia Belle UI looks cool and better than Symbian Anna!

Nokia Belle update available via Nokia Suite for Symbian Anna-based smartphone.
Personally, the best thing of Nokia Belle is the feature to easily disable mobile data at wish, allows me force WhatsApp Messenger to stop connecting mobile broadband when I really need it offline! :)

Is Nokia Belle OTA available?

If you haven’t done the update or still waiting for availability of Nokia Belle OTA (Over-the-air update), just do it now via Nokia Suite 3.3 and use it in no time. According to official FAQ for Nokia Belle updates, there is no OTA for Nokia Belle update from Symbian Anna – it’s technically impossible (or too risky) if without using Nokia Suite.

Nokia Suite allows user to easily update Symbian Anna to Nokia Belle at home.

As shown by the screenshot, Nokia Suite endeavors backup user data files before wipe them off prior to the update stage started and then restore backup to the phone after update stage completes.

During the update, some of the installed apps will be removed and most of the settings are restored to factory default. For example, the Exchange email account and WIFI setup have to be reconfigured (probably because I didn’t choose to backup these settings…)

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