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How To Configure Android 3.2.1 Proxy Setting?

As you may know, Android 3.1 supports HTTP proxy for each connected wireless access point. If your goal is to save bandwidth or reduce data usage by having web browsing on tablets to go through proxy server, then this built-in proxy feature is there to help.

Here, the guide is made with reference to Acer Iconia Tab A500 running Android 3.2.1 (a.k.a. Honeycomb):

1. Click on the time display at bottom-right corner followed by Settings icon.

Access to Acer A500 Settings page.

2. Click Settings from the overlay menu. Make sure the tablet is already connected to Wi-Fi access point (AP) and then only click “Wi-Fi settings”.

Android Wi-Fi settings

3. Perform tap-and-hold on the connected Wi-Fi AP until you see the “modify network” option pops up and then click on it. You should see “connected” on the first AP displayed in “Wi-Fi Networks” section, if the Android tablet is connecting to the wireless network.

Modify Android 3.2.1 network setting to configure static IP, change DNS server IP, or set HTTP proxy, etc.

4. There you’ll see option to set HTTP proxy setting for Android web browsing.

Configure Android to use static IP and Google Public DNS server.

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