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How To Receive Earthquake Alert On Facebook Or RSS Feed Reader?

For those who are interested in receiving earthquake notification on RSS Feed reader or Facebook Wall, you can subscribe the free service provided by U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and then configure email forwarding to automatically publish them on Facebook Wall.

If the steps are too tedious, you may just:

using USGS and Gmail to create Facebook earthquake alert service.
All time in the notification is UTC+0.

WARNING: There could be at least one or more earthquakes of magnitude over 4.0 happen every day around the world, which are all tracked and notified by USGS. Therefore, it may easily flood your Facebook Profile or RSS reader!

Of course, you can unlike or unsubscribe it anytime at wish, should you feel frustrated. But, don’t blame me for suggesting you this service, as I’ve warned you and it’s a fact that the core of the Earth is active at every moment!

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