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How To Delete 50000 Emails From Yahoo! Mail Inbox?

My friend possesses a Yahoo! Mail account for the past ten years but has not been actively using it after switching to Gmail that’s speedier and more secure (full HTTPS session from login till logout).

Now, he got a big problem – there are tens of thousands emails in the mailbox, which majority are sent by email subscription service of various “excited” Yahoo! Groups he used to engage during his younger age :)

As he no longer keen on these stuffs, so he decided to unsubscribe and clean up the mailbox for other serious emails. However, it’s a painful housekeeping job to delete that 50K+ unread messages kept in the Inbox, as Yahoo! Mail keeps on fail to response whenever all these tens of thousands of emails are selected at one go for delete button.
There is no luck even after upgrade to the latest Yahoo! Mail service that promises 2x faster email :(

When he asked me for help, I thought he could simply use filter to clean them up, but the Yahoo! Mail filter can only applied to new messages delivered to Inbox, i.e. no effect on those emails kept in Inbox prior to filter creation:

Using Yahoo! Mail filter to process emails that reach Inbox.

After discussion, he agrees to apply my trick (otherwise wait for filter improvement to process messages in Inbox):

Note, the risk of using this trick is you might lose some valid/wanted emails that kept in between the unwanted emails.

Firstly, go to “mail option” and click “General” on left pane. Next, make sure “Messages” option is set to “Show all messages in scrolling list (with Preview Pane option)” and click “Save Changes”.

Now, go back to Inbox, click the check box of first/latest email in Inbox to select it, hold down SHIFT key and pressing Page-down key repeatedly to select multiple emails. When the number of selected emails cross over 10000 mark, click “Delete” button in bid to move them to Trash folder – if it works (not hang), you may gradually increase the count of selected email and then click “Delete” button.

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