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Official Windows 8 Preview Introduces Touch-centric Interface

Windows 8, the next generation of Windows, expects to secure Microsoft operating system market share with the touch-centric user interface.

Windows 8 touch-centric user interface with Windows 8 apps.Windows 8 new user interface.

At first glance, I thought that is a projection of Windows Phone home screen! If you can’t imagine that, or curious to peek at Windows 8 user interface, here is an official video made by Microsoft:

Highlights of Windows 8:
  • Replace Start button with customizable and scalable Start screen, which contains tile-based control that’s capable to show live notification.
  • Snap and resize an app to the side of touchscreen.
  • Introduce Windows 8 apps, which are web apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript.
  • Touch-optimized web browsing using IE10.

With introduction of tile-based Start screen, the Windows Start button is no longer a must-have control and obviously has no much value for its existence.

Similarly for keyboard and mouse, if the Windows 8 machine is not used for serious office work, software development task, etc. It’s easier and intuitive to have fingers on touchscreen computer used for leisure works like surf Net, browse photo, watch video, play game, etc.

But that doesn’t mean Windows 8 is not suitable for conventional office Desktop computer or Windows 7 logo laptop you’ve just purchased. Julie Larson-Green, Corporate VP of Windows Experience, says that Windows 8 works equally well with a mouse and keyboard!

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