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Asus UX21 Is Ultra-thin and Ultra-portable!

For mobile computer users who looking for ultra-portable laptop, ASUS UX21 is a new choice for consideration.

In term of thickness, this machine in between MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9 notebook.
The thickest point of Asus UX21 is 0.66″, while MacBook Air is 0.68″ and Samsung Series 9 is 0.64″.

In term of weight, one of the main counters to define meaning of ultra-portable, ASUS UX21 is definitely the lightest among the three!
Asus UX21 weighing just 2.4lb (1.01kg), while MacBook Air and Samsung Series 9 are 2.9lb (1.32kg) and 2.88lb (1.31kg) respectively.

Other attractive features include but not limited to all-aluminum body, Intel Core i7 processor, 2-second instant wake up from sleep mode, SATA 3 SSD storage, USB 3.0, trackpad made of glass.

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