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How To Check DB2 Fix Pack Install Date?

If you’ve lost track of the DB2 Fix Pack install date or simply want to reconfirm record logged on paper, then this db2ls command can help to find out and print it on screen.

NOTE: db2ls command is only available on DB2 v9 or above running on Linux platform.

Without using option switch, db2ls prints result in an easy-to-read column-based format:

Uses db2ls command to find out when DB2 Fix Pack was installed on Linux system.

If -c option switch is used, then result is output in CSV format (which is easier for programmatic parsing):
[walker@localhost] db2ls -c
/opt/ibm/db2/V9.1: ::Mon Aug  2 15:15:43 2010 BST

Where the delimiter is “:” and first field is “Install Path” followed by “Level”, “Fix Pack”, “Special Install Number”, and “Install Date”.

You can also get db2ls to find out DB2 product edition, by using these option switches:
db2ls -q -p -b  /opt/ibm/db2/V9.1

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