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A Glitch Or Easter Egg Of Google Voice Translation?

Probably not many people aware that Google Translate can also translate sound or voice (pronunciation of language) and the result can be surprising or funny sometimes :)

Here is an example when it translates 啪啪啪 into English:

Google Voice Translation function for Mandarin to English.

That’s a common Mandarin word (啪) which means sound of slapping or clapping something. Obviously, the Google Translate result is totally not matching true meaning of the word. It seems to me that the “language translation” function attempts to do “sound translation”, if you could relate the pronunciation of this Mandarin word to something intimacy :)

Is this a Google Translate Easter Egg or just a glitch of Google sound translation function? Have fun and hopefully it won’t bring disaster when you use it to translate a Chinese conversation to English :)

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