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How To Convert ASCII PST To Unicode PST Of Outlook 2010?

By default, Microsoft Outlook 2010 PST file is in Unicode format and supports large file size (max. 50GB per PST file).

If you’re using Outlook 2010 now and still keeping some PST files of previous Outlook version which are in ASCII format and/or limited by smaller file size, then you should convert them to Outlook 2010 PST file format.

Though Outlook 2010 doesn’t offer an explicit PST file conversion function, it does allows user to achieve this through a one-off exercise.

Convert old Outlook PST file to new Outlook 2010 PST file in Unicode format

Open Outlook 2010, click File tab, select Open (left pane) and then “Open Outlook Data File” to open old PST file of previous Outlook version. Skip this step if you’ve done so.

Next, go to Home tab, New Items, More Items, Outlook Data File, and choose a folder to create Outlook 2010 PST file with its default settings. Should you need to protect Outlook PST file from unauthorized access, tick the “Add optional password” check box before click OK button.

Convert ASCII PST file to Unicode PST file format of Outlook 2010.

Convert old PST file created by previous Outlook version to Outlook 2010 PST file format.Now, click to select the folders / messages kept in old PST file and drag them to the new PST file that you’ve created on previous step. This intuitive click-and-drag action simply get Outlook 2010 moves the selected items from old to new PST file that supports Unicode and maximum 50GB file size.

Once all the items completely moved to new PST file (of Outlook 2010), then you may right click on old PST file and select “close” to detach it from Outlook 2010 :)

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