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Facebook Email Has Better Anti-Spam System?

Technically, you can stop receiving spam messages sent to your Facebook email account, if privacy is configured to allow only friends to send you message.

After login to Facebook, click “Account” at top-right corner then select “Privacy settings”. Next, click “View settings” of “Connecting on Facebook” section and set “Send you messages” to “Friend only” (i.e. only those people in Facebook Friends list):

Facebook email featured effective spam-prevention system.
During the test with this setting, am still able to receive emails sent by removed/deleted friends…

Practically, it’s not useful as traditional email systems (Gmail, Hotmail, Exchange Server, etc) in some situations. For example, you might miss emails from Internet banking account if the sender email address is not belonging to “friends in Facebook”.

Browse to FAQ19170 for more information on how Facebook email spam-control works.

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