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2 Types Of Facebook Email Address: Mobile vs Messages

You may have heard of Facebook going to launch email system dubbed as Gmail killer. Yes, it’s already available but not open to all – only invited users are using it (and I’ve just joined the club).

Don’t get confused by the personalized upload email address, which is not functioning as traditional email system.

Facebook email address

This is what analysts reckoned as the Gmail killer – the address in form of fb_user_name@facebook.com allows one to send and receive email right from Facebook:

Facebook email provided by the new Messages apps.

For those invited, you’ll be prompted to “activate email” (as shown in the screenshot) when access the Messages apps. If you’re desperate to have one, see how to get Facebook email address?

It can send and receive email attachments from local disk or webcam/digital camera attached to computer.

Unlike traditional email systems, however, there is no Inbox – emails from friends in Facebook are stored in Messages (left pane; under the News Feed) and non-friends’ emails are stored to “Others” (sub-folder of Messages).

In additional, the email messages are grouped by sender address (not by date or subject) known as “Conversation” where messages are sorted chronologically.

Facebook mobile email address

Also known as personalized upload email address, in random_id@m.facebook.com format, is for user to post status update or share photos on the Wall using email client (and thus no need to login Facebook directly).

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