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How To Generate Word Cloud For PowerPoint Presentation?

A word cloud, or keyword cloud, is a visual presentation where keywords appear in random position on a canvas and each of these words using different font size to depict its frequency or count of occurrence.

For WordPress users or web designers, it’s commonly called tag cloud.

Create text cloud for PowerPoint slide presentation.

Though its application is mainly seen on webpages, a creative and trendy presenter can also use it on PowerPoint slide to wow audiences and attract their attention to the subject.

So, I search for PowerPoint addin to generate word cloud, but the result seems to be negative (please leave a comment if you know one). During the absence of PowerPoint plugin, there is this web service to help:

Using Wordle to create word cloud for PowerPoint:

No complicated user interface, it’s kinda intuitive. The Randomize button is great for one who looks for stunning view by chance. Otherwise, there is a menu (atop the canvas) with options for changing font type and size, layout, color, etc.

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